FOSS4G 2022

FOSS4G 2022

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FOSS4G: Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial – Annual recurring global event hosted by OSGeo

From 22 to 28 August, FOSS4G will take place in Florence (Italy). A conference related to the field of geospatial information and earth observation openness from Software development to Transition to FOSS4G, Use cases and applications, Education and research and Open data.

If you are interested in maps, code development in the field of geomatics, you are a researcher, a student or simply, you are attracted to the GIS world, in FOSS4G you will find a space and a time to share and meet other people interested in the same field.

The conference talks will cover the following topics:

  • Software status, new software/project development, benchmarking
  • FOSS4G implementations in strategic application domains: land management, crisis/disaster response, smart cities, population mapping, climate change, ocean and marine monitoring, etc.
  • Data visualization: spatial analysis, manipulation and visualization of geospatial data
  • Data collection, data sharing, data science, open data, big data, data exploitation platforms
  • Sensors, remote sensing, laser-scanning, structure from motion
  • New trends: IoT, Indoor mapping, drones – UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)-, Artificial intelligence – machine learning, deep learning-, geospatial data structures
  • Open and reproducible science
  • Standards, interoperability, SDIs
  • Community & participatory FOSS4G
  • FOSS4G at governmental institutions
  • FOSS4G in education
  • Business products powered by FOSS4G

You can contribute to the conference through a talk, academic paper or workshop by sharing your developed free and open source project related to geospatial technologies, a FOSS4G solution or product, or the participation in a project using FOSS . Call for contributionsdeadline February 28th.

More information about FOSS4G on the official website