Workshop#4 504 285 GO-PEG

WORKSHOP#4 – Keeping the pace with INSPIRE developments: alternative encodings for INSPIRE and new features in hale»studio

The fourth workshop of GOPEG will be held online and according to the following agenda:

  • Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop (Thorsten Reitz – wetransform)
  • An update by JRC (Marco Minghini)
  • GO-DEPTH use-case:
    • the stakeholder perspective (Chiara D´Ambrogi – ISPRA)
    • harmonisation challenges and status quo (Stefania Morrone – Epsilon Italia)
    • subsurface information shared through INSPIRE extended data model and INSPIRE alternative encodings (Stefania Morrone and Thorsten Reitz)
      • GML versus GPKG
      • UML to geopackage mapping rules
    • LIVE Demo: data transformation with hale studio, shared semantics with Re3gistry instance, data sharing through OGC API (via GeoServer) (Stefania Morrone)
  • FAIRPORT use-case (Claudia Schulte – wetransform)
  • Q&A session. Feel free to bring your questions! (Giacomo Martirano – Epsilon Italia)

The GO-PEG Workshop 2021 will be held on December 2th – 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM

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