Material – WORKSHOP#2

Material – WORKSHOP#2

Material – WORKSHOP#2 504 285 GO-PEG

WORKSHOP#2 – GO-PEG workflows and data requirements for data harmonisation “a step towards High Value Datasets”

Thanks to all the participants that joined us to our second workshop for those who were not able to assist, find below the video and the presentations used during the event. We will keep you posted for the next workshop in 6 months where will show the progress on the use cases selected for the project.


Agenda Topic Presentations
PART 1 What is GO-PEG?
– Presentation and objectives of the workshop (Danny Vandenbroucke)
– Introduction to GO-PEG (Marc Olijslagers)
– The evolution of environmental data sharing in Europe: an INSPIRE perspective (Marco Minghini JRC)
– The data workflow: how GO-PEG works (Stefania Morrone)


PART 2 Use cases overview (Carsten Iversen)
Brief overview of all use cases selected for the project classified by domain (water, transport, hazards)
Use cases in detail

Two use cases of the project will be presented in more detail
“COAST” (Ignacio Arias Matilla) :Assessment of the impact of coastal flood risk on population
PART 3 “GeoCovid Watch” (Stefania Morrone) :A living inventory of the (main) projects and initiatives using geospatial data and technologies in relation to COVID-19 pandemic, with an eye on edge data sharing technologies. PDF 6
Open questions session (moderated by Giacomo Martirano)

Date: The second GO-PEG Workshop 2020 was hold on October 29th – 09:00 AM

100% virtual.