Become Stakeholder

Become Stakeholder

Become Stakeholder 505 339 GO-PEG

GO-PEG is actually a large-scale test bed for the automation of new transformation techniques (ETLs) that can meet previously affected challenges. These techniques allow data producers and users to discover the heterogeneity of the data in the data sets they want to combine, automate the data harmonization process, and complete semantic and geometric harmonization.

You can contribute by:

  • Proposing use cases GO-PEG will work on.
  • Providing data related to those use cases.
  • Giving insight about current harmonisation workflows and indicate issues you meet.
  • Testing and/or giving feedback on methods and datasets created within GO-PEG.

You will benefit from the project by

  • receiving feedback on your data and harmonisation workflows.
  • receiving harmonised data related to the use cases you are involved in.
  • receiving Information and documentation on innovative harmonisation methods and tools developed in GO-PEG.
  • working together with other stakeholders and exchange experiences.

If you have any questions about GO-PEG and how you can contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us.