IRLOGI Webinar GO-PEG 336 150 GO-PEG

The Irish Organization for Geographical Information (IRLOGI), umbrella organization of the Irish geospatial industry, will present GO-PEG project on September 16th in its virtual seminars. The webinar aims to present the GO-PEG project, expose the…

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WorldPop webinar

WorldPop webinar 204 40 GO-PEG

Why High-Resolution Spatial Data on Population Matters Accurate and up-to-date measurement of local population distribution is crucial to a wide range of geospatial analysis – with many models regularly suffering at the hands of out-of-date…

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GO-PEG Workshop

GO-PEG Workshop 434 234 GO-PEG

The INSPIRE Conference 2020 was held from the 3rd to 12th of June, because of the COVID-19 situation this year The Conference was 100% virtual.The GO-PEG team presented the project on a workshop with a high…

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GO-PEG workshop at Inspire Virtual Conference 2020

GO-PEG workshop at Inspire Virtual Conference 2020 360 165 GO-PEG

GO-PEG will hold a workshop at the Inspire Conference, which this year will be held virtually from June 3 to June 12. The workshop will take place on June 5 from 9 am (UTC +…

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ICT 2020: Leading the Digital Age

ICT 2020: Leading the Digital Age 505 349 GO-PEG

The European Commission, together with the German Presidency and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is proud to bring you “ICT 2020: Leading the Digital Age”, taking place in Cologne, Germany. ICT 2020 will…

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Launch of GO-PEG website

Launch of GO-PEG website 650 200 GO-PEG

The Go-PEG consortium has launched its website. In it, you will find general information about the project and its main objectives, as well as available resources, outstanding events and news related to GO-PEG activity.

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Kick-off meeting of GO-PEG Project

Kick-off meeting of GO-PEG Project 505 372 GO-PEG

The Generation of Cross-Border Pan-European Geospatial Datasets and Services (GO-PEG) project started officially in October 2019. KU Leuven, Belgium The Kick-off meeting took place on October 30 and 31, at the Geo-Institute in KU Leuven,…

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